As an end of year University project, we worked together with students across other courses working in TV and Film, Scriptwriting and Radio to generate a website and associated content around a comedy concept. The project was a brief created in collaboration with Baby Cow Productions and Channel 4 to come up with a Comedy Blaps style video series.

As one of the digital media designers of the group I was in charge of designing a logo, creating a logo animation and then the website for all of the content to go on. The website was made using Bootstrap as a tool to quickly create a responsive website in the small time frame in which we had to work.

Our idea for a series was titled ‘Recovery Road’ which was centered around the narrative of a self help group for people with strange addictions and was set to follow the ups and downs of their progression as a group as they go through recovery.

We worked in collaboration with acting students from AUB to script, produce and present the first episode in the series.

Recovery Road Logo
Recovery Road Website splash screen

Recovery Road - Road to Recovery (Episode 1)